You’re a Born Leader

Born LeadersA Born Leader –

Takes chances, isn’t afraid to look silly doing what they love, lives in the present moment, knows what it feels like to bury themselves in sand, dive into water, breathe in fresh air, feel the grit, feel gravity, feel loved, enjoy life, make choices, handle the consequences, make room for others,  believe life is cool, a gift, and love Nature …all in a day, everyday.

When asked to recall a happy childhood memory, 90% of people answer by sharing an experience in Nature.

That’s definitely a clue to experiencing happiness at any age. Maybe its human nature to be born a leader. Maybe when you don’t feel like you’re leading at your best it’s time to make a Nature Reconnection and restore your senses.

Born Leaders

A Born Leader –

Trusts Nature, seeks answers where no one else is looking, studies patiently, studies thoroughly, verifies for themselves, trusts themselves, trusts their experiences over other people’s stories and they immerse themselves in the moment…

A Born Leader

Doesn’t rely on smoke and mirrors, tell tainted stories, or mislead on purpose.

A Born Leader

Believes that “Who you are is what you leave behind”.
Lives like Nature – no waste, no trash, no useless debris.
Lives like Nature – everything matters, we’re all interconnected.

Nature Reconnection leadership and life coaching is launching. It’s for people who spend way to much time inside, in human made environments (even when they are beautiful), too much time with screens, too much time in cars, need fresh insights on a new direction or simply a boost for better problem solving in daily life.

Nature Reconnection coaching sessions and programs are conducted in natural settings. When you disconnect from Nature, you also disconnect from Nature’s wisdom and intelligence. Nature Reconnection is holding a treasure trove for you, a treasure trove of good feelings, creativity, high level thinking and self-confidence.

A Prescription for Health, Happiness and Success

“At his office in Washington, D.C., Robert Zarr, a pediatrician, writes prescriptions for parks. He pulls out a prescription pad and scribbles instructions—which park his obese or diabetic or anxious or depressed patient should visit, on which days, and for how long—just as though he were prescribing medication.”

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