Your Environment Primes You


Your environment primes you. What self-talk, attitude, belief or experience is it priming you for?

When someone complains or is unpleasant first thing in the morning it primes me for a difficult day unless I have an antidote. That antidote can be an environment that affirms positive feelings and self-regard. How that environment looks is as individual as our tastes in food, music and art.  If there is one universal principle it is that Nature be included in a supportive environment.

We recently pulled out old flooring and replaced it with an environmentally and dog friendly product. It was hard work. It felt impossible.  It included lots of trips to the community center with donations. That always feels good. We used Marie Kondo’s advice: thank it for being in your life and then, if it doesn’t spark joy, move it on. Cleansing. Understanding that this effort was priming me for a fresh perspective on my life and work I found the patience to calmly carry it through the surprises and bumps.


Patience is a virtue I learned from working with Nature, flowers, plants and people,  where the time line is often in a different dimension from the “all things instant” world, we have come to expect.

Every single thing, object, artifact and arrangement in your environment is priming you for something. It feels good to look objectively from that perspective and choose the qualities and experiences you want to prime for as a way of life. Sometimes it is very simple. I found myself asking “Do I ever want to dust, move, fix or lift this item again?” That process requires patience to sort, refine, donate or discard. What an illusion “to discard” is! Apparently, our discarded clothing is sorted and baled in India. It can’t be sold there, it has to be shipped outside the country where it is restiched into smaller sizes (Americans sizes are too large for the rest of the world), reduced to fibers that can be rewoven or turned into filling for pillows and such. We discard so much into this recycling stream that the sorters in India think that Americans don’t wash our clothes we buy new ones.

I had one sweater that at one time sparked a lot of joy and I haven’t worn in years. It’s  hanging on a hook in the garage because the thought of it landing in an anonymous bale in India didn’t feel right. I’m oddly attached to this funky, irreplaceable bit of fabric.  For therapy I’ll turn it into dusting cloths. Dust to dust to dust. Looks like this process is working. It is changing my relationship to things, my environment and my own thoughts.environment and color

Color! What makes you feel great. Your preferred colors might be out of the current fashion. Feeling great is always in fashion. Applied kinesiology is a good tool for testing what colors strengthen you and what colors weaken you. It’s easy to stare at a color and do a muscle test. Your body knows. When your mind or somebody else’s story is louder than what feels right and nourishing to you, a simple muscle test will help you choose what is best to prime you for possibility, happiness, and health.

After all the work we did…I was primed for creating interpretive photographs of Nature. A few have been printed and are hanging in our refreshed environment and few are included in this post with quotes. My environment primes and affirms my creativity.

Make your environment and your life your kind of beautiful and enjoy the rewards.



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