Do It Yourself Vitamin D3 Testing

Testing for Vitamin D

Testing for Vitamin D has become easily accessible. ZRT Labs offers a mail order test for only $75.

Testing for Vitamin D3 is true prevention.

Once you learn your actual level of vitamin D and your target level apply self-care to reach your goal. Supplementation with Vitamin D3, sun exposure, and eliminating wheat from your diet, as recent studies on gluten and gliadin suggest, all help raise blood serum levels. Blood levels of 32-100 are recommended. According to the chart below, blood levels from 50 – 80ng/mL are ideal for prevention. If your blood level is below 32ng/mL your risk for broken bones, osteoporosis, depression and other diseases goes way up. Practitioners recommend supplementing with 10,000IU daily until your blood levels reach the preventative range. Vitamin D3 is available in a vegan form from companies producing it from lichen.

Blood Serum Levels of Vitamin D for Prevention

Vitamin D Blood Serum Levels for Prevention

“Extensive research over the past decade has clearly shown that sub-optimal levels of vitamin D3 greatly increase the risk of many forms of cancer, as the prohormone unlocks the necessary blueprint to accurate cellular replication and elimination of mutations. This important study is among the first to identify vitamin D as a key to prevention and even treatment in the most resistant cases of triple-negative breast cancer lines. Most women will want to ensure they maintain optimal blood levels between 50 and 70 ng/mL (higher for those fighting the disease) for protection against this deadly form of breast cancer.”

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