Upgrade Your Self-Help Choices and Reap the Benefits

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You’re already making healthy choices every day: You never leave home without eating a nourishing breakfast, you’re diligent about hydrating with eight glasses of water a day and you’ve perfected your exercise techniques.
You make self-help choices, enjoy self-care and celebrate self-improvement. For every good habit you have, a tiny upgrade can reap huge benefits.

1. If you’re already waking up with a big stretch, why not try warming up your body by moving your spine in six directions. Move your spine forward, backward and side to side, and twist your body to the left and right. Complete the process in the fresh air and add deep breathing for an added morning boost.

2. If you’re already quenching your body with water first thing in the morning, why not try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon and ginger slivers to your glass of H2O. Lemon is alkalizing and balancing and ginger stimulates circulation. These ingredients also provides a shot of vitamin C and aids digestion.

3. If you’re already working out on the treadmill, cycling or other aerobic exercises religiously, why not try investing in a heart-rate monitor to get you out of your comfort zone.

4. If you’re already skin brushing before your shower and moisturizing after you shower, why not try using a jojoba body oil with an essential oil to give yourself a stress-busting massage as well. Work your shoulders, knees, ankles, toes and wrists to improve flexibility.

5. If you’re already using an exfoliating cleanser as part of your skin care regimen, why not add a yogurt power peel two or three times a week to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

6. If you’re already eating salad a few times a week, why not try having a big bowl of organic raw or cooked greens (think kale, chard, collards or bok choy) on the days you don’t have salad. These “sturdy greens” ingredients are packed with nutrients that build your immune system.

7. If you’re already drinking a heart healthy soothing cup of unsweetened non-alkalized cocoa for your afternoon pick-me-up, why not try snacking on a handful of heart-healthy almonds as well for energy that will last.

8. If you’re already repeating your favourite 20-minute walking route every day after dinner, why not try increasing your endurance and calorie burn by doubling the distance once or twice a week.

9. If you’re already shutting off screens an hour before bedtime,why not try improving sleep by reflecting on your day. Note what you are grateful for and what you improvements you would like to make.

10. If you’re already unwinding with an evening bath, meditation or relaxation technique, why not try turning off the lights and lighting some candles to get your brain ready for sleep.

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