Stating your Why for Positive Change

There is hidden power in stating your “why” for positive change.

Connecting your “Why” to what you are doing is an effective way to exercise your imagination, and open doors of new and positive experience.

“To the extent that you make your own choices instead of taking the choices passed on to you by others, you will be happy, growing, and free.”

– D.C. Gikandi

A lot of choices are passed on to us through authorities, television, social media, our families and friends. We often accept them without question. When our choices are aligned with what we are attracted to creating in our lives everything is better.

Getting Started

Essential keys to writing intentions:
Write in the first person. “I ”
Write in the present tense. “I am…”
Make it positive.
Make it believable.
Make it meaningful to you.
Keep it clear, concise and simple.

A heartfelt intention is the “why” behind the “what I am doing”.

These are examples of moving from a negative statement to a positive why or intention.

“I’m tired of being sick.” becomes “I choose vibrant health because……!”
“I’m trying to quit smoking.” becomes “I am enjoying a smoke free life because…..!”
“I’m not good enough.” becomes “I  love the gift of my life because…!”
“I’m too fat.” becomes “I am taking great care of my body because….!
“I don’t like my body.” becomes “I  love my body because….!

The process of replacing negative statements with life affirming thoughts and words takes practice.

Connecting your actions with a positive “Why” is a natural motivator.

What kind of self-talk do you want in your in-box? That’s why we created a daily sms messaging system in the tool BRIGHTERSTEP. It keeps what your attracted to creating in your life at the center of your attention.

Once your motivating reasons  “Whys”  are in place it is much easier to decide on what actions you will take to bring these to life.

Self-care encompasses every aspect of our lives -our health, life purpose, relationships, finances, community, career, creativity, education and development, and environment. The adventure is discovering what self-care means to you.

Blessings on your adventures!


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