Spark 2015 with Positive Emotion and Mindfulness

SPARK 2015 with Positive Emotion and Mindfulness.

Spark #1 Self-Generated Positive Emotion

Waiting for something to change, waiting to reach your next level or for that longed for promotion, waiting to find your right partner, waiting until your health improves or stress recedes, waiting until you solve a problem, waiting for a higher valuation for your company, waiting until you start or finish your book, your degree or anything else before you feel positive emotions most of the time is a major mistake.

Why? Because none of those things will materialize without Self-Generated Positive Emotion.

Practices for Self-Generating Positive Emotion on demand in the moment are all forms of Self-Care including:

Breath Work
Connection with Nature
…The list goes on

What works for you? Become an expert in that. Because becoming accomplished at self-generating positive emotions regardless of what is going on around you elevates your energy and vibration. It opens your treasure trove of possibility and creativity. 

You might be asking...well what about situations where negative people or scenarios are overwhelming the moment…how can I self-generate positive emotions?

Good question. Not all practices for self-generating positive emotions are created equal. Breathing techniques may relieve tension in the moment when most things are going reasonably well. However, when a crisis is unfolding you need to rely on something deeper, a vast resource, a powerhouse practice for self-generating positive emotions.  Einstein touched on this idea when he said: “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”  Living by the latter takes practice. Living by the latter eliminates limitations, generates courage and positive emotions.

mindfulnessFind your feeling of  peace in Nature. Your tree. Your garden. A place you return to again and again in person or in your imagination. Your results may astound you.  Buddha gave us a clue …he too sat under a tree before enlightenment.


Listen to researcher and author Barbara Fredrickson share her work with Loving Kindness Meditation and describe how positive emotions transform us and help us build these key success resources:
1. Mindfulness
2. Trusting Relationships
3. Resilience
4. Stress Reduction
5. Improved Heart Rate Variability

Spark #2 Mindfulness

What am I doing?

Why am I am I doing it?

These are the 2 most powerful questions for leading you into mindfulness.  Never fail to begin and live through your day with them.

Practicing this skill and presence on a daily basis is what will spark your life, make today better than yesterday, 2015 better than 2014, and this moment mindful. It will clarify your horizons and make it guilt free easy to say “yes” to what resonates with your aspirations and “no” to what doesn’t.

Whether you are starting, leading or contributing to a business or organization daily development of your capacities for Self-Generated Positive Emotions and Mindfulness on demand are at the heart of all your successes. 

Best wishes for feeling positive and mindful in 2015.

BRIGHTERSTEP is a mobile web app that helps you continue to grow and learn.

There’s more…Stay tuned for our “Mindful Life” template coming in January 2015.

mindfulness and positive emotion in 2015



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