Self-Talk Has a Sweet Spot

You’re talking to yourself all the time even when you are talking to a friend, your plants, your dog, cat, spirit, God, you are talking to yourself.

There’s plenty of evidence that what you say to yourself, your self-talk, determines the way you feel, the way you see yourself the actions you make and the world you create.

“I can” is a power packed attitude and affirmation.

There’s something far more powerful. I call it the sweet spot of self-talk.

The sweet spot of your self-talk is …your name.

When you use your name – – it gives you space, confidence and a sense of inner calm.
Research revealed that referring to yourself in the 3rd person resulted in self-distancing and improved self-regulation. It’s empowering.

Remember the most power packed word is the sweet spot of your self-talk and that word is your own name.


Give it a try and notice the difference in the way that you feel, your energy and outcomes.

(your name) has this handled.

(your name) can get this done.

(your name) is making a difference.

(your name) is making great choices.

(your name) has courage.

(your name) is wild about….

(your name) is ready for her next ….

Enjoy your self-talk!

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