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Self-Management self-management Self-management brings body, mind and spirit together

Self-Management can be a diet, an exercise routine, green juicing, yoga grooving, sport training, sleep management, emotional boundaries, clean air, clean water, nutrition, financial goals, relationship enrichment, educational goals et. al. The reality of self-management is that it is an ongoing self-discovery process. It is practicing what is best for you. When you learn to trust your experience over external opinions and ideas you are guided by the wisdom and knowledge of your natural intelligence.

Things to consider:

Start small and be gentle.. If you are beginning something totally new it’s smart to take small steps, get your footing and a feel for things. For instance if meditation is on your list try setting your goal at 2 or 3 times a week for short bursts of 10 to 15 minutes a session.  That same idea can be applied to each are of your life. The graphic above represents some universal life areas where you can apply self-management efforts to experience attractive results. Note this section: Nature. It’s an often overlooked area for healing, inspiration, creative thinking and learning. As author Tristan Gooley stated:

 “If you do not make nature connection a way of life, you are gambling a lot on there being another life like this one.”

Experiment and discover the practices, activities and efforts that you enjoy. The key word here is enjoy.

Self-Management isn’t a competition. If there is score keeper it’s your body, your mind and your life. 

Enjoyment is at the heart of sustainable self-management. Find some ways to experience the pleasure of presence in the moment. Maybe that’s giving yourself some slow down time to soak in the beauty of the moment and connect to Nature. Listening, sensing, seeing through new eyes. Or, maybe it’s a peppermint foot bath, a new nutritious recipe, dancing, singing, a self-development class, feel good adventures of any kind. These change your body chemistry, boost immunity, and bring joy to life. Self-management is your adventure. Stay with it.

Prioritize and celebrate. In a culture tripping over celebrities, self-management is a way to become your own celebration and celebrate your own spirit and own life efforts. Start with two or three of your most important self-management choices, keep them within sight, make them your top priority, and experience what unfolds. When you make the best choices for you you’ll feel like breaking out the bubbly and celebrating you, your life and all that you love.

Be patient and enjoy the process. Results, like a delicious meal, require time, energy, thought, great ingredients, creativity, and positivity to produce. Nothing is tastier than meal made by a happy chef. There is little sense in mind fully chewing a raisin 50 times while seeking inner peace if you can’t laugh and jump for joy at the same time.


“Life is not a stress rehearsal…branch out and catch more light.”


Nature Reconnection

easily applied self-management activities:

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