Intention is a Tool for Wonder Woman

Intention is a Tool for Wonder Woman

I was working through one of those crazy, stressful, unpredictable life change chapters. 

Obstacles, opposition, and opinions that I didn’t like popped up every step of the way.

Talking about it seemed to make things worse. I kept my worries to myself.

One morning, while looking in the mirror I said: “I can hardly wait until this is over!”

What? Within a micro-second of saying and thinking the wish of “this being over” another thought flashed. This, whatever it is, however difficult it is, however painful it is …“this” is actually part of my “life”.

Science and metaphysics remind us that our subconscious mind takes things literally, it responds to our intention. In this case, my subconscious mind might not know that I was talking about one specific problem in my life not My Life! I could in fact be telling my subconscious mind that I wanted to quit, to kick the bucket to give up.

Breathe. What else could I tell myself?

I opened my e-mail and saw a post by a group called Wisdom Heart. The post spoke directly to my situation. It suggested that instead of feeling defeated by a situation begin to reframe it with another statement.

“This is happening so that I can …….”

The wisdom I needed to change my perspective flashed on the screen. 

I could look in the mirror and reassure myself with “This is happening so that I can learn to let go and trust that everything is working out for the best.” No judgement. 

 “This is happening so that I can develop new abilities and and prepare for inspiring opportunities.”

Statements that affirm a hoped for reality are energizing and make it easier to act with conviction.

Field Notes: When situations stimulate feelings of despair, defeat or detour they can they be gifts to raise your soul superpowers of adaption and discovery to your next level.

What would Wonder Woman say to herself?

Louise Hay, author, entrepreneur, and a wonder woman in her own right, has continued to share the power of positive affirmations and intentions for decades. She lives her message.

Intention, Affirmation, Healing
Examples from her books:

“I’m tired of being sick.” becomes “I allow my body to return to vibrant health.”
“I’m not good enough.” becomes “I am in the process of positive change.”
“I’m too fat.” becomes “I honor my body and take good care of it.”

The process of replacing negative self-talk with life affirming intentions and words takes practice. Self-management of your mind isn’t always easy at first.  Be patient, we all get stronger and better at blasting out those useless thoughts, depressing attitudes and fears with practice.  Before long it becomes a way of life. 

Thinking back I’m grateful for the events that pushed me to my edge, sat on my shoulders like lead weights and made feel like I would never glimpse the horizon of possibility again…because they were the gifts that opened me to new perspectives, ignited new intentions and possibilities. 



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