Five Revealing Self-Care Questions

Five questions for revealing the sweet spot of self-care:

1. How do I gain vitality? What drains my vitality?
Success in health and in life is the result of increasing our vitality. Vitality drains come in many forms including diet, scheduling, relationships or the kind of thoughts we entertain. Setting aside time to define what gives you energy and vitality and what drains this precious energy away is an empowering exercise. If you are using the application at then add your life generating activites and activate reminders to keep you on track!

2. Who/what do I need to control?
If the answer to this question has to do with your own thoughts then making a daily practice of mediation will help you become an observer of your thoughts and to realize that we each have choices when it comes to thoughts and beliefs. Byron Katie offers some free resources for rethinking the need to “control” situtaions and people. Choosing “influence” over “control” when working with people or circumstances is far less stressful. Asking this question: “How can I be a positive influence?” is an empowerment exercise.

3. To whom/what do I consistently relinquish power?
This is a big one. It is easy to relinquish power unconsciously. It happens when we stop questioning, stop learning and stop listening to and trusting our inner voice. Experts offer necessary guidance. Sometimes experts can drown out our own inner wisdom and voice. Trusting and listening to our inner voice is a lifetime practice. It is a life changing process. There are many different exercises that increase our ability to hear our inner voice. Ann Elizabeth Grace writes on this topic for twentysomethings, her insights are truly ageless.

4. What do I need for self-nurture and self-care?
One outcome of the pleasure of going on a retreat or spending a week at a destination spa is a sense of balance in body, mind and spirit. Healthy meals are served three times a day. Attendees sit down to enjoy their meals. The conversations abound with positive and interesting ideas and shares. A beautiful natural setting that inspires feelings of connection with Earth is common. The atmosphere is filled with self-care and self-nurture. We can and must create this right now in our daily lives. Where does resistance to this or self-neglect show up in your life? Make a plan of basic self-care practices that is easily accomplished and expand from there.

5. Which old repeating patterns prevent me living in balance?
People argue over the number of thoughts that we have every day, they agree that 98% of thought is the same as it was yesterday. Our lives are the result of our thought patterns interacting with our environment. The best way to spot a pattern that is preventing life balance is when we are under stress. A great deal of work has been done on methods to break the pattern of emotional eating. The Mayo Clinic outlines one approach here.

Updating your old patterns to new behaviors is a daily practice. Creating support for your efforts can be accomplished with QSELFCARE ap. You are more than worth the effort!

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