Review: Mind Over Medicine – Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself


The average age a woman in the United States begins to take care of her health is age 34. Over half the women in the United States are diagnosed with one or more chronic diseases. In the U.S. we consume 80% of the global supply of painkillers.

We are stuck with a medical model that offers diagnosis, treatment and pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Lissa Rankin MD

With her book, Mind Over Medicine – Scientific Proof that You can Heal Yourself. Standford educated Lissa Rankin MD is taking aim at changing this reality. Her story is one of personal and professional transformation through her own health crisis. Her medical training compels her to thoroughly research studies and stories about modalities and approaches to health outside the standard Western approach. Her research is impressive. The result is scientific proof that much of Western medicine is outdated because it doesn’t yet acknowledge or even consider the emerging epigenetic paradigm. As cellular biologist and author Bruce Lipton like to say “We are not victims of our genes!” Our genes are responding to the environment, including the environment created in our bodies by our minds. Our minds are holding outdated beliefs reinforced daily by the language we use and the messages coming at us from all directions. For more on this topic read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.

For anyone in a healing profession, complementary or traditional, interested in a broader perspective on health and healing, this book belongs in your reference library.

For anyone seeking to avoid or currently suffering from chronic disease this book will inspire you to see things differently and take your next steps with confidence toward developing your personal prescription for healing. Dr. Rankin provides an entire template for developing your unique “radical self-care” prescription.

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My favorite part of Lissa Rankin’s book is for parents. It is a must read.

“Most of us just don’t realize how we’re programming our children and the consequences this may have in later life.”                          -Dr. Lissa Rankin.

She applies her self-healing insights to how she and her husband communicate to their children about health and healing. The results are belief busting! As a child of the sixties who joined a creative spiritual community I know first hand how we are constantly programming our minds. This is part of the reason why QSELFCARE was created – to take control of our “programming” to live a healthy, joyful and fulfilling life. It works.

Dr. Lissa  Rankin celebrates the current innovations and the wonders of Western Medicine and makes suggestions for future patient centered features. Dr. Rankin’s influence may make the Western medical model “ripe for a dearly needed miracle” as she inspires her readers to make their own bodies and lives “ripe for a miracle” by seeking health through a mind, body and spirit approach to “radical self-care”. Awesome idea!

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