Savor and Unleash a Life that Sizzles

SIZZLESavor comes before Sizzle

As entrepreneurs women seek sizzle. Sizzling ideas, sizzling deals, sizzling opportunities, sizzling connections, outfits and possibilities. In fact there is nothing more exciting and fun then being in the “Sizzle Zone” and having your entrepreneurial efforts gain significant traction. Stress that comes with sizzle is exciting!

Outside the sizzle zone flat-liners are everywhere: toxic stress, worry, pressure, routine, short-sighted attitudes…

The remedy is “Savor”.  Savor comes before Sizzle in the dictionary and in life.

Savoring Small Successes Unleashes Lasting Joy (Sizzle)

Practice savoring your small successes: the tech glitch you figured out; the blog post you completed; the delicious meal you prepared; the smart business choice you made; the yoga class, Zumba class, whatever class you promised your self and showed up for…. Simply because what you bring to life and your role(s) is expected doesn’t mean you can’t savor your participation. When you are used to running, striving, driving, being busy, never giving up, and  trying to be enough practicing Savor could scare you.  When you are conditioned to “never rest on your laurels”; when you think the competition is nipping at your heels; or, when  there is never enough time in your day, creating a new habit of savor time through out your day takes practice.  

You will know you are in your “Savor Zone” when you feel your shoulders relax, your eyes soften, your breathing becomes deeper and your mind is refreshed.  

Don’t worry the next thing to do is always there…


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