Questions to Ask Frequently in 2016

Questions to Ask Frequently

What will 2016 bring? That depends on the questions you ask, the declarations you make and the self-management actions you take.

“Why am I doing this?” “Why am I making this choice?” “What do I want to create?” “Who am I becoming?”

Quality questions are superpowers that guide our thinking, actions and efforts in the direction we want to go. Even when life feels capsized the right questions can lift the sail, lose the baggage, and catch the wind and spirit that moves us along. Every question you ask yourself and every declaration you make is an act of becoming. 

We are not human beings, we are human becomings.” Chalmers Brothers

Am I leading a life of leadership?

Who do I love? What am I doing about it?

Do I treasure, value and experience Nature as an essential nutrient for a life well-lived?

Is the conversation I’m having bringing me closer to where I want to be?

Are the thoughts going through my head bringing me closer to peace and happiness?

Have I done anything lately that’s worth remembering?

If not now, when?

Do I ask enough questions or settle for what I think I know?

What activities make me lose track of time?

What am I doing and Why am I doing it?

When it’s all said and done, will I have said more than I’ve done?

Am I trusting labels and stories or my own experience as truth?

How did I celebrate the gift of life today?


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One often overlooked, essential self-management strategy is Nature Reconnection. 

Artificial environments and substitutes for experiences in the natural world are like substituting corn syrup for a rare honey. Restoring your connection with Nature on a daily basis is healing. Even a few minutes of wonder and appreciation of the natural world will increase your energy and self-confidence.

Questions can change the way you relate to the natural world, increase your health, and create happiness. Modern culture has been saying goodby to natural habitats and ecosystems for so long that it’s nearly invisible to us. Now is the time to ask the questions that will heal this wound. Make 2016 a time for new questions! beginagaintk2 smartcopy305


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