Life Lessons In A Leaf



Nature reconnection

Life Lessons IN a Leaf

I sat to write this post sipping a glass of freshly brewed thyme tea with a whole lime squeezed over ice. Quenching. Cool. Beautiful. So simple.  I feel better. Why? Nature.

Getting to the bottom of this idea I looked up the etymology of the word “nature”- according to Webster it’s from the Latin natura, from natus, past participle of nasci to be born. To be born. No wonder I feel better! 

Yep, there’s a bit of rebirth in that tea, and in observing the leaf in the photograph above. This leaf, these water drops, this beauty is filled with wisdom.

This plant needs water; a lot. It needs more water than, for instance, a sun-loving sage plant. If you need a name it’s Colocasia esculenta. It’s learned and intelligently designed itself to capture what it needs most from its environment, water.

Beyond its name this plant has something to “say” through the sensations that arise from its presence:

  1. What do you need from your environment to thrive? (make a list)
  2. What intelligent, elegant design can you bring into your environment to capture what you need to thrive? (this might be a project that requires planning and a slice of time to accomplish)

It’s spring – I cleaned and tidied my workspace so that I could capture the creativity, energy and beauty that I need to thrive.

Like Nature – human spaces can be designed to birth human health,            intelligence and creativity.

In my book, that’s significant life lessons from a leaf after a rain.

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