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Have you ever tried to make a personal change in your life while thinking “this is not enough”, “ I haven’t done enough”, or “I’m not enough”? Actually, in the U.S. we spend a fortune on services, products and programs trying to fill our “not enough” void.

Efforts and changes made with the motivation to fill the
“not enough” void result in more feelings of, yes, you guessed it: “NOT ENOUGH”.

Self care results in the sensations of accomplishment and satisfaction. We want the feelings of “Wow, this is working!” and “I cancontinue on this path indefinitely and enjoy the ripple effects of positive change.”

You can create a context for personal change and self-care that is satisfying. It begins with self-knowledge, self-acceptance, self-love, and your desire to incrementally improve your experience through self-care. Changes that are initiated from this perspective are lasting and rewarding.

Dive beneath the surface to find clarity.


Plan some self-care time, dive in and explore these questions and statements with as many details as you can:

Step One.

♥Know what fills you with energy and joy. What is exhilarating?

♥Know what feeds your spirit. What is inspiring?

♥Know what nutrition is best for you. What is nourishing?

♥Know how to check your thoughts. What helps you keep your thoughts positive? How do you keep your self-talk positive? (Byron Katie’s Four Questions are wonderful for keeping thoughts and fears from growing out of control.)

♥Know how to manage your stress. Is it yoga, endurance sports, nature, music, meditation, prayer, more structure, a harmonious environment, holistic therapies, …etc.?

♥Know what you most desire to learn. What can you do to fulfill that desire?

♥Know what is most important and fulfilling to you. If you were to be gone tomorrow what would you like people to remember about you? What is your legacy? What will fulfill you?

Step Two.

♥Appreciate and describe how much you have learned.

♥Appreciate and describe your unique talents, gifts and abilities.

♥Appreciate your body as a gift. (Symptoms and dis-ease are our body’s way to call our attention to the importance of self-care.)

♥Appreciate your unique life and possibilities.

♥Appreciate your unique aspirations.

Step Three.

“TLC”, is tender loving care of your body, mind, hopes and dreams. If personal TLC guides your decisions, what would you change in your routine, your schedule, and your environment? What would you give more attention to?

The answers to your Self-knowledge and TLC questions are the foundation of your self-care plan. Build your life around them.

Support your self-care choices and create your plan at BRIGHTERSTEP.

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