Ladies…Lean In To a Lifestyle That is Good For You…

Lean In To a Lifestyle That is Good For You

1. Update Your “To Do List” with daily, weekly, monthly and lifetime choices that you know will result in superb health and a wellspring of happiness.

2. Centering yourself is one of the most powerful actions you can take towards creating good in your life. How do you center yourself?
Perfect your own methods of centering that you can count on. Sports? Creativity? Meditation? Nature? It is vital to rely on your magic way of centering for emotional, physical and mental balance.

3. Generosity is appreciated and rewarded until your generosity includes depleting yourself beyond what is wise. Be generous and wise. Most of us break that rule. Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In, recommends that “you do what you can do and don’t feel guilty about it.” That is sound advice for business and life!

BRIGHTERSTEP gives you the tools to:
1. Update Your “To Do List” to a “To Live List”.
2. “Lean In” to Life.
3. Practice your methods of centering on a regular basis.and build your success record everyday.
4. And much much more…

Bottom line: Self-care is sexy!


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