Keep Shipping Only Your Best

perspectiveWe all have a tendency to share stories about what happened “to us” in the past, or what is currently happening “to us”. The “to me” perspective confines like the last middle seat in the last row in coach on a jam-packed flight. You just can’t move. The more sensory awareness you can experience and recognize the richer a story and the more relevant a story becomes to your life and your work.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Keep Shipping”. It started with FaceBook.  The late Steve Jobs would have said “Keep shipping highly aesthetic experiences that look, feel and function beyond our customers imagination …not just “products”. Other companies have married that same meta-mantra. “Keep Shipping” is  a good idea until people start shipping #$%& because they are running on empty, without juice, without a rich interlaced aware experience of multi-sensory, multi-dimensional life. The product/service/experience is boxed-in, dimensionally confused, an insult even to the compost bin.

It’s happening in retail, services, publishing, manufacturing –

Why does it happen and how can a company make it un-happen.

1. Make the development process muddy and messy. The product and message must sparkle, dazzle and captivate some of your customers 20+ senses. Yes, that isn’t a misprint, humans have at least 20 senses (probably many more) not 5!

2. Educate your team via personal multi-sensory experience. If your product designers, customer service people, customer experience designers or marketing folks are operating under the 5 sense fallacy your product/service/message will not only disappoint it will stress people out.

3. Some Millenials have been lucky. Some have not. Millenials who have grown up connected to screens, programmed by clutter and speed, disconnected from Nature, have learned to gate (limit) their sensory awareness. It’s a survival strategy that leaves money, creativity and intelligence on the table. It’s a survival strategy that closes the purses and wallets of your customers.

There’s no map, no blueprint, no failsafe approach for millenials. Human’s haven’t been here before. The situation is demanding a powerful perspective shift.

A powerful perspective shift that awakens this sleeping giant of a generation to the brave new world of human potential, responsibility and radical relational excellence with all of life is the juice that quenches.

Awareness can mean rephrasing the question from “this is happening to me” to “this is happening for me”.

Think of a situation, relationship or condition that is current in your life. Try out these questions to access hidden strengths, wisdom and your transformational qualities.

This situation/relationship/condition is occurring for me to:

liberate my creativity and….

clarify my values and …..

ignite my imagination and ….

free me to….

inspire me to….

Don’t be limited by the words. Choose your own. Commit. Ship Excellence. Trust.

“You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” – Steve Jobs.



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