Intentional Change

Steps for making lasting and intentional change:

Start small and be gentle.. If you are beginning something totally new it will be easier to take small steps. For instance if meditation is a new choice try setting your goal at 2 or 3 times a week. Allow the enjoyment of your practice and successful follow through be the natural momentum for adding more of that into your life.

Connect your actions to your deeper purpose, your intentions or affirmations. A “to do” list becomes a source of stress when it is disconnected from our deeper purpose. If actions are not connected to our wholehearted purpose it is better to leave them off.

Prioritize and celebrate. Start with two or three of your most important self-care choices for your body and mind and journal your “wins”.  It’s important to celebrate your wins no matter how small they seem.

Pay attention to what makes you feel great and add more. Self-care is personal. What’s effective for someone else may not be right for you. Stick to what is best for you.

Share your successes and encourage others. Share what is going well. The simple practice of sharing three things that are going well every day boosts our immune system.

Be patient and enjoy the process. Results, like a delicious meal, require time, energy, thought, great ingredients, creativity, and positivity to produce. Nothing is tastier than meal made by a happy chef.


“Life is not a stress rehearsal!” Life is your gift to be enjoyed.

intentional change

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