How to use the web app BRIGHTERSTEP

How to use the app BRIGHTERSTEP.
Do you need a reliable, flexible support system.
Read on to discover how to use the app BRIGHTERSTEP to deliver your success.


The purpose behind the app is simple:

To help an individual consistently invest his/her energy (mental, physical, emotional) in ways that elevate her/his effectiveness and well-being.

It’s customizable to any personal improvement/development plan in any area of a lifestyle. It’s useful as a behavioral re-patterning tool.



The process is simple:


  • You select a life area(s) of focus – there are 8 areas to choose from.


  • You enter your intended actions that are then linked to a personal “why” you wants to do this. (The app doesn’t accept an action entry that is not linked to a “why”).


  • Actions are infinitely customizable – a physical action, a thought process, a perspective change. “Actions” are anything that requires a conscious effort on your part.


  • You select a frequency goal for the action.  The app counts and displays the number of reported successes.


  • You can choose to activate daily text reminders for actions that are of key importance to your development/transformation.  (It’s an effective way for shifting patterns (physical, mental, emotional) and as a self-reminder.)


  • All of your intended actions are included for review in your automatic daily e-mail reminder.


  • The accountability/support feature: You can activate a  success/completion notification for a coach, mentor or friend via text or e-mail.


  • You  can quickly see a pattern on the calendar that displays daily icons based on your reported successes.


  • There’s a journal feature and functionality to add images (visualizations) on the workbook page.



What difference does knowing your “Why” make? 

When you want to make a positive change, quit a habit, or take a positive step forward into a healthier lifestyle, healthier relationship, or even leap into a new business endeavor you need a big, clear reason “WHY”. The bigger your “Why” the more likely you will be to stick to your positive choices everyday. With BRIGHTERSTEP all of your positive steps and goals are connected to any big personal “Why”.

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