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Wellness evidence provided by the Global Wellness Institute includes research and discussions on a range of modalities that we embrace today. Each of these modalities has benefits for human health. Discovering the approaches that are most effective for you is an educational adventure. Although the Global Wellness Institute site doesn’t list my favorite Nature Reconnection currently, I hope that will be remedied soon! Nature is global. Human health is intimately tied to Nature. Mindfully reconnecting to Nature will solve many of our health problems, including our tendency to burden Nature with toxins. What we impose on Nature we impose on ourselves. This is basic tenet of personal and global health.

Modalities discussed on the Global Wellness Institute site:


For a moment of fascinating insight into the field of Applied Ecopsychology read Dr. Michael J. Cohen’s blog here.

One year ago I began my study and work with Applied Ecopsychology in creativity and personal development. Once anyone learns how to engage with Nature in a holistically global way a profound shift in perception and experience occurs. This shift removes the stories holding us back from living in health and happiness. As a culture we have become accustomed to seeing Nature has a backdrop to our stories. In reality, Nature plays a central role – we are Nature too. Our ability to shield ourselves from the natural world has caused us to see ourselves as separate. The perspective of seeing ourselves as separate and disconnected from Nature has consequences. The consequences include emotional, physical and mental sensations of loss. Practicing simple activities of Nature Reconnection daily is a nourishing and rebalancing approach to life. For information on how you can learn to access the wealth of nourishment and genius available to you through your own Nature Reconnection drop me a note at contact.



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