Experience a Miracle

Experience A Miracle


“Nothing is art if it does not come from nature.”

~ Antonio Gaudi (1852 – 1926)

There’s nothing new about Nature accept that Nature has nearly endless competition for our attention today. The flickering images on our screens seem more real, more vital, more relevant to our happiness and success than the tree outside our window.

Tangible life affirming contacts with nature are simple activities. These activities attract us to the present moment, the Now.  Nature is attraction.  All life is sustained by attraction.  Attraction is aliveness on every level – from the subatomic to the universal.

Daily multi-sensory, mindful, open-hearted connection to the natural world has a powerful re-balancing effect. This connection reduces toxic levels of stress, rewires your mind and balances your body biochemistry.   The nourishing elements in nature do the work for us.

Your senses are enlivened as you consciously experience them.  Activities that reconnect you with nature bring  fresh wisdom and perspective to your life and your place within the whole. Trust, confidence and your joy for life will grow out of nature reconnecting activities.

Recognizing and replacing nature-disconnected stories by experiencing Nature as source and central to life on Earth is key. These experiences change our choices, and open our minds to new ways of thinking and living.

Change your thinking…change your life. Nature helps you do that!

Nature’s wisdom can be hinted at in books; it can only be experienced and absorbed in the Now, a little at a time or in rich bursts. This process can go on indefinitely, because Nature has no beginning and no end.

A participant in a recent Nature Reconnection workshop shared these comments about one activity.

“The activity was to make a square with my fingers as if framing a photo. I used my finger frame to scan the environment for something that attracted my attention. The  frame I felt the greatest attraction to is the image of young children in a surf class running into the coming tides. The ocean glimmered in the morning sunshine, sounded the rhythmic heartbeat of the Earth, and tossed and delighted joyful children in her surf.

My frame was filled with the unfolding movement of every element – humans, water, pelicans and seabirds over head, surf, sand, stones – appearing and disappearing in the divine whirling dance of life. Everything in the moment felt tuned to my old brain senses that traced joy through my words, reasoning and consciousness. The senses nourished through this activity quickly dispatched with a well-worn trap: that I should be something other than who I am or be somewhere other than where I am.”

Step outside – that’s a BRIGHTERSTEP!  For information on upcoming Nature Reconnection workshops toss us an e-mail.

experience a miracle



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