Core Challenge

A Core challenge we all share is learning how to stop arguing with life.

Arguing with life is arguing with what is in the  present moment.  It’s like arguing with a dog. Need I write more? It’s some kind of crazy habit, a survival strategy to argue with life.

Finnegan copysmChanging that is a core challenge to life well-lived. There are warning signs.  It sounds like complaining, blaming and demanding things conform to your agenda. This argument feels like force, push and spinning your wheels to get where you think you want to go or someone said you should go. It uses up a ton of energy. Exhaustion is another symptom that arises from arguing with life, your body and what is best for you.

Dog’s know best…don’t argue with life. State your case but don’t argue.

It’s easy for me to describe because I nearly became an expert at arguing with life.

core challengeI find that it isn’t about surrendering to whatever is going on, rather it’s about pausing, sensing and opening to possibility or what I like to call a pivot. I’ve also found that there are plenty of opportunities for practicing the pause, sense and open to possibility strategy: a traffic jam, bad weather, pets and kids doing their own thing, demanding people, inconvenient technology glitches, politics, professors, managers and employees, revenue slumps, product failures and on the lighter side… burnt toast. Depending on the circumstances any of these can feel as though you have been momentarily abandoned by the Universe and left to fend on your own.

I’ve learned that the major problems in our lives and in the world are because of the difference between how we think and how nature works. That gap is growing because fewer people are going out and getting in touch with how nature works.

Nature is our teacher

artificial environmentOne of the lessons that came out of the original Biosphere experiment was that in the artificial environment trees didn’t thrive, they fell over. Trees need the stresses of storms and winds to stimulate root growth, anchor firmly in mater terra and fulfill the natural life cycle of their unique species. Their roots are sensory wonders always intelligently seeking support for the life of the plant.

Our “roots” are our natural senses. We have many many more than the 5 Aristotle said we have…his info is over 2,000 years old. When we spend too much time in artificial environments our natural senses are subdued – we don’t need them and just like the trees we “fall over”, and live “propped up”  –  no longer anchored to Nature.


Another Core challenge we all share is learning how to emulate nature.

Why is that important? Because we’re dead if we don’t!

Accomplishing the impossible by wielding our creative and innovative problem solving skills is empowering and thrilling. Taking on an obstacle with a bad attitude and argument is an energy drain. Nature teaches us the former.

Bond with and trust nature to guide your choices

The difficulty in establishing this bond and trust in nature arises from the story our culture has been telling us. That story makes us believe that we are separate from Nature, we are above Nature, we can control Nature, we don’t need Nature and this is a human centric world.

Leave Nature out of your daily life, your leadership or your business is a risk without a reward. How can we change that? Take a walk in a natural environment and something will come to you! You can contact me for a free no obligation consultation on this forward thinking topic.

In this video I share my story of learning to pivot in response to stuff that happens. I’ve found that a pivot is often a “brighter step” into new possibilities.


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