Change Your Outlook and Change Your Outcome

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Self-care is more than diet and exercise. Better self-care is giving attention to your outlook on life.

“CHANGE your outlook…and change your OUTCOME.”

Easier said than done. Things keep you stuck. To change your outlook seems impossible. Trying to thrive or just cope while staying on top of your business takes a lot of energy. The feeling of not being enough or doing enough can become so common that you hardly notice it anymore.
It is the persistent feeling or belief that you are not enough or don’t do enough that directs your attention outward and away from your self-enhancing choices. These are the choices that generate health, happiness and fulfillment, three magnetic qualities that work magic in life.

Change Your Outlook and Get Unstuck One Step At a Time

Can you trade in your “to do” list for your “sparkle and thrive” plan?
We have been stuck under “to do” lists for too long. Renaming it will help change your outlook and what what goes on it, and your OUTCOME. A busy successful woman once told me that when she came very close to losing her life from an ectopic pregnancy. She felt herself leaving her body and in an overwhelming instant it was as if her 42 years of very busy had been nothing. Her full calendar, deadlines, employees, sales, “to do’s”, etc. were simply that, they weren’t really living. “Doing” and “living” are not necessarily the same. Research shows that what we name something changes our expectations and how we engage with it. Drop “to do” and replacing it with a title more meaningful to you.

♥ Do you believe that you are responsible for making all of your self-enhancing choices?
The practice of “self-management” supersedes all external efforts towards behavioral change. When we make a conscious choice to change our outlook by changing our environment we influence our behavior and practice a powerful self-management skill. Self-management or making self-enhancing choices is an extension of your belief in you. A friend shared her story of regaining her health after autoimmune disease flair up. She decided to completely empty her cupboards and gradually restock with only healthy choices, give away the microwave, and eliminate all soft drinks, red meat, and chicken from her diet. Her family was shocked. Her health dramatically improved. Her family was much happier. When outside influences cause self-doubt remember beliefs are like outfits. They don’t always fit. Do your research and test it. Trust yourself.

What is one self-enhancing choice that you can happily make every day?
Start with one choice, be as consistent as possible and evolve from there. The best yoga/dance/sports instructors consistently remind us that exercise is the practice of attention, awareness and the ability to enjoy where you are now. Change your outlook on exercise from “something that I have to do” to a “gift I give myself. If we approach exercise as a chore, it isn’t exercise and it might even cause injury. Shifting to steady personal choices for self-care from a mad rush to “fit it in” or “keep up” is the quickest way to feeling “I am enough.” Choices that we make while being attentive, aware and in the moment are always our best.

Every time “a worry” takes over your mind replace it with “a gratitude” and make a positive choice.
This takes practice. It is powerful and healing. A lot of life is lost in worrying about things we cannot change. A friend of mine suffered a third degree burn on her hand. When it happened she was working fulltime as an artist with an important commission. After being treated at the burn center she was overcome with fear that she might never fully have the use of her hand again. This fear became her enemy and the only thought that could stand against it was holding a feeling of gratitude for being healed. Every time the fear came up she erased it with a feeling of gratitude. Her hand healed beautifully. Imagine the possibilities when we work to redirect our thought and energy!

Self-care will change your outlook and change your outcome. It is the key to your treasure trove of health, happiness and dreams come true. Self-care and self-management are choices and actions that generate feelings of self-worth, confidence, connection and possibility. Self-care includes nutrition, recreation, creativity, community, personal growth, relationships, family, resources, and education. When you discover what works best for you, it is a “gold dust moment”. Repeat it often.

Thank you♥

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