Beauty’s Secret: Repetition


RepetitionOne guy on skis did 7 runs, 600 + turns, overlapping 6 descents to create the chain patterns and then his 7th, the “sabboth” or “relaxation” run. I paused in complete amazement and appreciation of the skill, discipline, joy and beauty of it all.

Repetition is the only way to beauty. Whether it is repeating the quality of your customer service, the thinking of your best thoughts, or acting on creating what you define as ‘beauty’ in your life, your fulfillment is in the repetition.

I designed a web tool for supporting this type of conscious repetition, because we know it works. Whether someone is repeating 10,000 steps day after day, or repeating a thought like “My circumstances don’t determine the outcome, my dreams, vision and actions do”, all power to manifest is in the repetition.

We know this truth from Nature. Every seed, pinecone, sunflower, tree, cloud, ocean, mountain range, beach, and you name it, has repetition behind it’s power and beauty.

In business and design when the act of repetition of ‘beauty’ is scaleable you really have something significant!

It begins with defining ‘beauty’ in your own terms. Model yours on Nature.

“Life is a dance and Nature always leads.”

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