Affordable Health Care for Real – 8 Steps

Obama’s-Health-Care-Reform-and-Affordable-Care-Act-ACAAffordable Health Care for Real

If I could wave the magic wand of Universal Health Care this is what would happen:

1. Every dwelling would have a water purification system and people could stop wasting their money by drinking out of puny plastic bottles.

2. Every family and home would have a Vitamix. Yep! It is smart high tech for health. It is purchase for preventation. Compare the price of this appliance to any health insurance plan and the outstanding Return On Investment is clear. Everyone would have access to fresh organic produce. Even if food preparation and cooking isn’t everyone’s idea of a great experience, anyone can toss in some veggies or fruits and boost their nutrients Big Time.

3. Every one would have free, easy and efficient access to a blood serum test for Vitamin D twice a year. This is one test that is truly in the Prevention category. So many other tests that are marketed as “prevention” are a tad outdated. A good example is an 88 year old woman being signed up for a mammogram. Supplementation to achieve the levels where chronic disease is prevented would be covered by insurance. Would we say “bye bye” to the preventable diseases of diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and others? There is a lot of evidence that says “YES”.

4. Insurance breaks would be given to anyone donating to, working in, or supporting community gardens. My guess is that these folks are healthier and happier. Connecting with the natural world changes people for the better.

5. Natural health history and modalities would be part of every school’s curriculum. People might begin to think more about how to get healthy rahter than being scared out of their minds that their body is so flawed that disease is lurking around the corner. Or, so frightened by the barrage of drug advertisements that they don’t even try to be well.

6. Life long learning and annual vacations would be part of our culture. Happiness and fulfillment are foundational to productivity and creativity. We might all prosper.

7. Replacing the language of blame (we can never be absolutely sure of “who done it”) with the language of self-compassion would be a cultural shift. Decisions beyond our control created the world we have inherited. Self-compassion may be the fastest way to innovate and make positive change.

8. Learning from the collective failures of our past and choosing a new direction for ourselves and our children would bring us together to heal and live zn extraordinary life.

Many readers may be saying “dream on…”. OK. We need to imagine something different than what we call “health care” today.

Jacques Paretti’s documentaries provide some information we need to redefine our choices and personal accountability for “Affordable Health Care”. Kudos to Jacques for his concise, intelligent and engaging work!

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