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About Me

I’ve chosen the startup/founder role in business successfully 5 times. From modest success to “what a blast” success depending on the uniqueness of our product/service, our capacity to achieve outstanding customer experiences over time, distribution avenues, market share, timing and team. That’s all scientific and strategic. In my experience, the next step at the core of “what a blast” success is connected to a purpose, a mission, a vision of doing something that brings humanity closer to conscious harmony with the unified field of Nature, closer to the illusive happiness point and closer to the actualization of life well-lived. Without that wellspring of purpose its hard for a startup founder to see things through.

That’s significant.

In every startup and growing business so much opportunity can flow in “the Zone”, and my role, as leader/vision keeper became the attentive encouraging presence, laser focused on refinement and expansion.

That’s thrilling.

On the other side of that so much can careen off course disappearing into the rough or into dark thickets…depending on the emotional pitch and financial state of the situation.

That’s growth disguised as “oh @#$%”.

Scenarios like that called me to greater clarity, poise and a deep desire to discover and learn new survival skills and success strategies.

For me the beauty of business, the success of a business, in any form, of any size, at any stage, is in the story it lives moment to moment. Like a thriving ecosystem in the natural world – it’s way beyond words – you know it when you feel it.

One of the most important things I understand is that for me,  self-management is a reliable choice. Self-management leads to continual learning, growth and surprise.
That’s how BRIGHTERSTEP was born. It’s an app for self-management.

self-management app

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