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makeoverA Must Do Makeover

When our Delta flight from Minneapolis to San Diego landed yesterday, the woman in the row ahead seemed to be talking to herself. Of course she wasn’t.  She had her phone tucked in her neck, her ear smashed to her shoulder and her hair draped over her nose for an important conversation about the cost of materials from a supplier.

She had been the last one to board our 4 hour flight, reaching the gate with 60 seconds remaining. Somehow she had “gotten lost” in the terminal.  Her carry on had been swiftly stowed at the front of the plane by the flight attendant.

Neatly dressed in dull burgundy and grey she muscled and muttered her way along while adeptly keeping her ear smashed to her shoulder as she reached over the attendant to collect her suitcase when we landed. The gracious attendant who had assisted her breathless arrival spoke to her. No response. She blew by the pilot and out the door as the flight attendant said “I’m an invisible woman”. Ouch.

Walking through our new terminal I wondered how much of all this architectural effort and aesthetic really matters to Miss “I’m to busy to see you” and maybe the next couple of generations. Will they even notice?

Much of the world already seems invisible to people tethered and tied to devices. You won’t see them gazing out the window, wondering and imagining beyond the possible when everything they need to think, believe and do is already being dictated and streamed.

Or is it?

Research Questions:

Maybe burgundy and grey aren’t her colors. Maybe she is really a Firelight, Dreamlight, Starlight or Morninglight personality and different tones would look smashing on her. She would feel fabulous and energized enough to notice the world around her. You can’t be random with your colors and feel your best at the same time!

Maybe she runs so fast that leaving messy closet chaos in her wake is a way of life and its weighing her down.  The feeling of “Is that all there is?” can’t be felt in the midst of her looming load of all consumming all important stuff. And, afterall, when she looks around, she’s not alone.

Maybe she has hidden talents and lofty dreams lurking in the shadows of her day-to-day routines.

A must do energy makeover is in order. 


1. Become Visible

Before organizing or sorting your clothing know your primary color type. How can you be sure? Try it on and see how you feel.  Are you energized? Are you showing up in the best way possible? Do people seem to notice you?

According to Colour Expert, Consultant and Author Angela Wright colors have energy. Colors will make you stronger or weaker, colors will deplete you or build you up, knowing your color type is essential to your health, wealth and well-being. There you go. I’m a huge fan of this philosophy and experienced increased energy and confidence after removing clothing in the wrong colors from my life. You don’t need 45 different colors in your closet. You only need your key colors. The good news is that these are your colors for life!

If you have a startup, Angela has a great service to help you- get your brand colors right!

Makeover Colour Affects Angela Wright


2. Next Kondoize your closets and drawers.

Author and Consultant, Marie Kondo, suggests that you and your belongings benefit from your respect and spoken appreciation as you delve into discarding, donating and rearranging them. The way to take on this often difficult process is to be clear on the lifestyle you want and why you want it. She guides her clients to ask themselves why they want to live differently 3 to 5 times. Everyone seems to land at “I want to be happy”.  When you are surrounded by belongings that all “spark joy” the likelihood that happiness follows is good. Today.com tested Kondo’s methods and the happy results are in!

P.S. Something tells me that Marie Kondo is a Starlight Personality in the Colour Affects Theory.


3. Be Brave –  Leave the Screen and Seek Green

Try Green Exercise (go outside) for a change. Research studies show that green exercise is more effective than comparable activities indoors. Green exercise is associated with decreased feelings of tension, confusion and anger. They are rated as more restorative, mood enhancing and cognitively restoring than indoor activities (which reflect the exercise component only).  Studies on the outcomes of these experiences show lowered blood pressure, improved immune function, lowered blood glucose, reduced self-assessed stress, improved HRV (heart rate variability) and other key measures of health. There’s alot more going on than meets the eye when you soak in Nature.


Green exercise

4. Inner Steps for your Energy Makeover
Accept criticism as the other person’s problem not yours.
Appreciate yourself and reaffirm your self-worth whenever possible.
Rather than fretting about what you don’t have, appreciate what you do have.
See the good points and positive aspects in circumstances.
Try to see even your problems as happening ‘for the best’.
Rather than looking backward with sorrow, look forward with joyous expectation.
Learn from mistakes so that you can convert them into triumphs.
Insulate yourself from unpleasant surroundings through wholesome detachment.
Let go of what you no longer need and make the most of what you now attract.
Grow in courage and self-mastery from every circumstance.
Be aware of the larger ‘consciousness’ you are part of.

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