5 Self-Improvement Steps for an Extraordinary Life!

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IQ and EQ are not Your Limits! Raise Your CAN DO Q in 5 Self-Improvement Steps for an Extraordinary Life! It is yours to live!

1. Release Self-Doubt

When faced with an obstacle, use it as an opportunity to grow your skills, knowledge and talents. Each moment of Self-Doubt is your personal “Can Do” challenge. Self-doubt is asking me to…?

2. Practice Mindfulness

Being fully present to what is happening in this moment rather than reliving the past or projecting into the future will concentrate your energy, intelligence and creativity on where you are, what you are doing and how you are being. Trust that the present moment is the perfect place for you to be. Watch out for companies predicting or selling you an imaginary future that is not your choice. Accepting that your future is now will clarify your decision-making.

3. Respect your Body and Mind

Our bodies and minds are influenced by the cycles of the moon. We require rest, nourishment, cleansing and exercise to live in balance and harmony. Don’t fight it! Support it! You will be stronger and more energized because of living in harmony with these cycles. Learning to use natural remedies including foods and herbs to increase health and wellness is an essential “Can Do” practice. Make note of what you would like to learn and schedule time to do it.

4. Create or borrow your personal Mantra(s)

Repeating positive statements of affirmation (mantra) produces specific vibratory frequency within you. You are like a magnet attracting vibrations to you by what you send out. According to Ram Dass “the word mantra means “mind protecting”. A mantra protects the mind by preventing it from going into it’s usual mechanics, which often are not our desired or optimal conscious perspective. Mantra is a powerful spiritual practice for centering, and for letting go of strong emotions such as fear, anxiety and anger. The more you practice mantra the more it becomes a part of you.” One of my favorites is “ I am the secret to life.”

5. Love it. Want it. Be it.

Anchoring desired changes through auditory, kinesthetic and visual frequencies will help you imagine and manifest your next level of “can be”. Complete these statements to engage your imagination:
1. When I love and honor myself and this is my mantra:
2. My desires are important to me because:
3. When I embody my dreams my life looks like: BRIGHTERSTEP

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