3 Forgotten Steps for Your Brighter Life in 2014


As the holiday sparkle, splash and spirit carries us into the New Year we reflect on our accomplishments, changes and challenges in 2013 and make predictions for 2014. Will this be the year you live mindful, healthier and happier? Will this be the year that the images on your vision boards manifest? Will this be the year that you finally take a risk, step out and become the possible you?

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Write your New Year intentions.


Intention is an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action, result or purpose.

The first step towards business or personal acheivement is your intention. Your intention is your “mission statement”. Mission statements work when they are revisited, honed and adjusted to the environment and opportunity.

Create space to write out and hone your personal intention, professional intention, business intention, personal growth intention, education intention, etc. Your result will be your life decision and action guide for 2014. If you are new to this self-development process, don’t let a fear of failure stop you from giving it a try. Writing intentions is simply a way of pointing yourself in the direction you would most like to go.

Your Intention is Your “Why”. Stating an intention for each aspect of your life clarifies and energizes.



Become aware of what you are affirming in your life.

Affirmation is the act of confirming something to be true, or is a written or oral statement that confirms something is true.

Recognize WHAT your affirmations (acts, thoughts and words) are affirming to be true about you.

This can be an eye-opeining, mind-bending, belief rattling experience. It is also the place from which you can initiate permanent personal change.
We all meet life altering circumstances and challenges. I have found that coming through stressful times and emerging stronger requires me to revisit what I am affirming in my own life. Many years ago I quit the smoking and soda habit when I realized that every puff and sip was an affirmation of disease in my body. It became impossible to continue those habits with that honest awareness. Depending on who your role models are, it may not always be easy to make choices for self-care. The idea of breaking a couch or desk potato pattern (sitting for long periods bad for your health…no matter where you are sitting) is easier when getting up and moving becomes a conscious affirmation of your health and healing.

Affirmation is 24/7. Affirmation is always occurring. We are constantly affirming something to “be true” by “What” we are doing, thinking or saying.

Affirm ONLY what you desire to be true for you.

A wise mentor told me that “To keep agreements with yourself first is the only way to develop self-confidence and reveal your authentic self.” Setting an alarm clock took on a new importance. It became an agreement with myself. Keeping personal life affirming agreements becomes a deep well of self-trust and confidence.

The ordinary act of “setting the alarm clock” has the potency of affirming seemingly endless “truths” depending on the person and the circumstance.

It might be an affirmation of her health when she is planning to begin her day with
self-care. It may be an affirmation of her love for family and community when her morning is about providing nutrition for her children.

No matter how stressful, fearful or challenging the circumstance you are facing, making your own small life affirming steps again and again is the only way through.


In times of extreme stress and uncertainty affirming personal health is the most important affirmation of all.

After years of experience, many health practitioners come to recognize that positive outcomes result not only from nutrition, herbal compounds, medicines or treatments; the “secret sauce” is in the client’s affirmation of her health through self-care.

The sciences of epigenetics and positive psychology confirm the influence of environment on health and healing.

Affirmation, whether it is an act, a statement or thought, is creating your environment!

Every action and thought of self-care is an affirmation of your health.

Every act of setting a boundary around your precious time, energy and attention by saying “no” to anything that isn’t in alignment with your intentions is an affirmation of your abundance and prosperity.

Every choice is an affirmation of something. Notice what “truths” you are affirming.

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Affirm that you are not alone.
Affirm Spirit in a Way and by a Name that resonates with you.

Fears and litigation have caused our modern life and culture to be stripped of all reference to Spirit.
I have yet to read a story or book about how that approach is making people healthier and happier.

This surfer applied herself to learning the sport and being totally present in the moment. Spirit moving through water carries her forward. Intend. Affirm. Trust.

Fill your daily journal with answers to these 3 questions:

What did I affirm today?
What did I learn today?
What did Spirit reveal today?

1. Intention is your “Why”.
2. Affirmation is “What” you think, say and do.
3. Affirming Spirit opens your mind and heart to the wonders of life and you!

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Intention: I am living in joy, balance and possibility."

Intention: I am living in joy, balance and possibility.”

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