10 Thrival Skills for the Class of 2014

10 Thrival Skills for the Class of 2014

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1. “Take Care of Yourself. No one else will.” -Moreno Bino Moscone (lived well for 92 years)

2. Learn about your body and be able to detect nutritional or energetic deficiencies quickly. Find out what natural remedies work for you.

3. Seek out people 40 or 50 years older and who are vibrantly healthy. Find out what they did and do to enjoy pain-free and perhaps even pharma-free health. Test it for yourself.


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4. You are a construction zone. Cultivate focussed effort, patience, and tenacity to develop expertise in your areas of interest and enjoyment.

5. There are crossroads ahead. With close attention you will discover your own inner-map and inner-commitments to make your way.  You will transform.

6. Your personal story matters. It’s either a hero’s journey or a victim’s lament. You will decide.

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7. Know the difference between following somebody else’s truth and living your own truth.

8. Earth, Mater Terra, is your magnificent, irreplaceable, blessed home. Be as generous with your care for her as she is with you.

9. Life is short. Don’t spend all of your’s digitally!

10. Let your joy for living fill the space around you! Our world needs that from you!

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