1. Information 2. Implementation 3. Magic

Implementation is a tug of war worth our effort.

Implementation A Tug of War

Good ideas flow from good information.

That’s only a slim fraction of the work.

The bulk and body of the work is dedicated “give it your all” effort and the “crazy making creative process” called “no excuse” implementation.

After that and when you are lucky the wings of grace mysteriously carry it all forward like an unexpected summer shower appearing to miraculously encourage the seeds you’ve finished planting.


Coaches and mentors provide the slim part of the dream, they help the dreamer build the strength, nourish the desire and make next steps. They encourage the effort. They know that “responsive effort” is a “secret” to bringing dreams to life. Effort is like water, it keeps moving regardless of the obstacle.

The dreamer is the “no excuse” implementer.

Implementation triggers the internal tug of war of “Yes, I can vs. No, I can’t.”


The outside world chimes in on that argument with opinions, warnings, stop signs, questions and expressions of utter disbelief.


The dreamer needs a tsunami of positivity to tip the argument in her favor and silence that annoying dialogue.


There was a time when I thought positive affirmations and healthy self-talk were enough to keep the dream on course. No more.


Whether your dream is an improvement in your health, a professional success, a life accomplishment or a personal milestone it must hold a compelling attraction to your life story…so compelling that the attraction annihilates distractions. That’s power. We make it difficult on ourselves to annihilate distractions when we carry them 24/7/365 in our pockets, purses and even hide them under our pillows.


Which brings us to these questions: What is your story? Why is this a difficult question to answer when we’ve all been telling it our entire life?


Trees don’t talk but they tell their own life story. Earth and all of nature does too.  We can learn from nature. The life stories in nature are fully embodied. That’s the “walk your talk” idea. That’s implementation. It looks easy in nature. For us it is the most difficult step to take over and over again, every day, regardless of distractions, and weird messages that tell you it isn’t all that important or that it doesn’t matter. It matters. The dream manifests in matter. That’s the point.

Find a spot in nature that will support your dream. Maybe its a tree, a mountain, a garden, a stream…find what resonates with you…and trust that you have the same power and sensory capacity to live your dream to the fullness that nature lives. Go there often in body and mind.

My puppy is a master of implementation. I never argue with her. When I’m lucky enough to redirect her focus,  she maintains her story of: I eat, I play, I’m good company, a great teacher for humans and as powerful as this chocolate lab!

To keep me implementing and prioritizing my dream I’ve added specific reminders to my daily list on Brighterstep.com.

Need a voice of encouragement – there is a great one here in Mary Morrissey, enjoy:



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